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Posted by: peterregan, November 5, 2013, 1:59pm
Hi All, My name is Peter Regan and I own a salon in central Manchester. We have been here for 13 years and are feeling exactly the same pressures from the economy as I am sure everyone else is. To this end in 2009 I was introduced to Brazilian Keratin Treatments. At that time they were primarily straightening solutions. After doing a risk assessment I decided to go forward and offer the treatments to clients. We did pretty well for a few months as the average cost to the client was in the region of £140.00.

After a couple of months I started to notice that there were concerns about Formaldehyde in the press and on internet forums like this one. So I decided to re-assess the product we were using and found that we could not fully ascertain what the ingredients actually were. I then did some digging and found 14 different brands of Brazilian Keratin in the same bottle. This can only mean that there is one manufacturer selling the product to different distributors under different brand names, ie its all the same stuff.    

A number of distributors claim that their product is "formaldehyde free". Unfortunately there are a number of different names for Formaldehyde and some other ingredients cause Formaldehyde to for when they are heated (with straightening irons).  With this in mind I decided to see if I could (with the help of  a formulating chemist) develop a product that gives similar results but is clean and safe to use. The product is called StyleSmooth and it works in a completely different way to any other product and does not require any restricted ingredients. It can be used as a full treatment or an instant treatment and does not require any special products to be used along side it.

In the past 4 weeks we have conducted in excess of 140 applications in my salon and all but one or two have been delighted with the results. Whilst I would be very happy for the product to be used by other salons I am not attempting to sell it here, merely enlighten other salons about the potential dangers of some of the products being sold at present and the altwernatives. If anyone wants me to share the information I have please feel free to contact me you can also check out some of the details at my salon website


Peter Regan
Posted by: Lizseyi, August 19, 2015, 12:02pm; Reply: 1
Hi there, I am also a newbie here.
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