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Posted by: 1889 (Guest), June 10, 2011, 6:25am
Ever considered having your own brand of hair care? If not, why not?? Consider these advantages:

* Choose the products in your brand according to what sells, not what a company wants you to sell. Increase profitability and revenues.
* Your brand will now be used every time your client washes their hair, building your brand name instead of someone else's.
* Increase staff morale and excitement with a brand of their own.
* No more competing with chain salons, big box retailers, drug stores, or even other salons.
* Raise your salon's profile in your community and city.
* Reduce dependance on brand names for sales
* Launch your brand nationally or internationally.

If you've been in the industry a while, you've probably helped brands get off the ground and gain recognition and credibility. That's hard work and valuable work. Next time, do that work for your own brand and reap the rewards yourself, instead of someone else benefitting from your labour.

 Bumble and Bumble is the latest of many successful salon brands that have made salon owners like yourselv very wealthy. One of the best business opportunities in the hair industry is a natural for a salon owner.


You have the power to influence your clientele, if you believe in a product.

 We'd love to partner with you in a big plan or small one. This used to be very expensive, but not anymore, or at least, not with us!
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