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My passion is making me miserable.

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HAIRDRESSERS FORUM    PRE - WASH    Pre-wash  ›  My passion is making me miserable.
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My passion is making me miserable.  This thread currently has 806 views. Print Print Thread
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April 20, 2010, 6:42pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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I absolutly love hairdressing, from a young age ive always experimented on dolls, friends, family's hair and i love every second of it.
Ive been training as an apprentice for the past 8 months, and hairdressing is really starting to get me down,

the reason for this is mainly the people i work with, lets say im a bit different from your usual hairdresser, im more into my alternative stuff with a gothy/punky fashion, so understandably i knew i would be treat a little differently. But this is rediculous, im working in my second salon now and people treat me like i shouldn't be there, im ignored, patronised, b**** and unneccersarily nagged at, all day every day, and i hate it, i thought hair would be worth it but now im starting to really doubt it, when something makes you so unhappy then is it really worth it? I just dont know what to do anymore -.-
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April 21, 2010, 7:40pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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just stick it out. easier said than done i kno. maybe change ur image for work slightly (your right, why should you bother) but hairdressing is about whats commercial and the majority of clients want similar hair cuts once you are qualified you can go where ever you want and do what you want.
just stick it out an tweak things a bit.
when i started i was quite gothic. i turned up to my first day with my septum ring in and i got a new piercin in my lip to mark the day. it soon came apparant to me that most clients found it intimidating.
3 years on and im now a manager. ive still got my 10 piercins (i have lost a few) but i do still keep my septum hidden. my hair is alot more commercial but its still different too.
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HAIRDRESSERS FORUM    PRE - WASH    Pre-wash  ›  My passion is making me miserable.