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Training With A Difference

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July 8, 2009, 7:44am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
Guest User
Hi Guys!

I wondered whether you could help me out.

I run a personal styling, fashion styling and personal shopping business. We work alot with fashion brands, the retail sector and in delivering events all over the country.

Within this I also train people to become personal fashion stylists.

There aren't enough true fashion loving personal stylists out there and I want to see more progressive and talented people out helping the people of the UK look and feel amazing by giving them new looks they can love!

My question to you, as hairdressers is this. Would you as a profession see yourselves doing this job part-time, in and around your hairdressing? Our clients ALWAYS ask for guidance on hairstyles as part of their experience with us and to me it makes alot of sense. Before I start to market this, I wanted to get some feedback from the people in the know - i.e. you!

Thanks so much and I appreciate your thoughts.

Our website is currently being re-designed but you can go to http://www.mystyletraining.co.uk for some background info.

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HAIRDRESSERS FORUM    HAIRDRESSER TRAINING    Career development and training  ›  Training With A Difference