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May 22, 2006, 10:46pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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With the constant barrage of new products and free samples forced into our working lives by sales reps and manufacturers, how doeas a salon owner or freelancer draw the line when it comes to containing our overflowing stock rooms?

With the public more clued up than ever via the media, and the consumer frenzy for all things shiny and new - is it any wonder that the turnover of stock from old to new lines has become a constant battle to keep up with?

No sooner does a new product launch, bringing with a plethora of client pamphlets, advertising posters , freebie offers and staff incentive schemes - than a new product awaits it's media launch and the public once more fall over themselves in an effort to be the first to experience the latest colour palettes or product ranges that will inevitably be a five minute wonder.

All over the world, bathroom cabinets heave under the weight of straightening balms and serums that have been used once and discarded without the consumer ever being adept at their proper usage.

Does the blame lie in the candy-coated appearance and fragrance of the products that attract the eyes and purses of clients waiting for services? Or does it liewith the hairdresser that willingly sells the products (in some cases, with the knowledge that without their expertise, the client stands little or no chance of replicating that salon look)?

Or does the blame lie with the manufacturers?

Does one wax really differ so much from another?

When broken down into categories of basics versus luxuries/extras - how many could we actually live without?

How many of us return time and time again to the tried and tested old faithfuls?

How many of us have now found that in an effort to stop hairdressers from developing an attachment to certain products that manufacturers have begun discontinuing products at an alarming rate?

Perhaps they are victims of their own consumerism. Perhaps too, their own warehouses are full to bursting point with old ranges .... and their research and distribution systems are snowed under in an effort to keep up with the pace of their competitors and the media and consumer desire for more, more, more .........?

Many of the old colouring systems involved stocking a core group of basic shades and mixer tones to achieve a wide range of effects. Releasers were intermixable - one size fits all!

Nowadays there are products for every scenario, with differing development times, differing releasers ... colours can only be mixed within set 'families'.

Products are constantly being re-packaged and re-launched, resulting in our shelves looking uncoordinated and mis-matched.

Of course, is it not always the case that all new products are unnecessary, or that every salon owner or freelancer will agree on what is a necessity or an extravagance.

With the advancements in colour longevity and condition alone, some product lines are a must to any conscientious technician who wishes to remain one step ahead of the rest, or in most cases falling over oneself in a constant drive to snap at the heels of the hairdressing glitterati!!!

However, one must also be aware that, if it is true that product lines are changing so rapidly and following catwalk trends in their alarmingly fast turnover rate ... then there is a concern that the beautiful well-conditioned mane of hair, lovingly enhanced with the anti-fade technology that will ensure the colours longevity and vivacity, and the follow up and finishing products to maintain this fantastic new look. Are we not then shooting ourselves in the foot when the same client returns the following month, clutching their copy of Heat magazine, and pointing at the two-page spread on products that our rep has yet to try and ply us with, announcing that her hair is so 'last season' and demanding that we change her look accordingly?

The resulting session of stripping, lifting, toning, conditioning, re-styling and finishing, somehow seem to contradict the main aim of the hairdresser and we are now surely capable of achieving the impossible?  Every hairdresser that groans when madonna goes from jet black to ash blonde in one seamless move will know the feeling!

There are so many contra-indications standing in the way of the hairdresser in the first place, that adding to the fray that the very people who are supposed to be helping and supporting us in our industry - and more importantly - listening to us - seem somehow to be conspiring against us?

So please - just give us quality products that do the jobthat they are designed to do .... that do something different from every other product collecting dust on the shelf, that can be adapted to fit in with new trends and techniques instead of requiring a total replacement of existing stock ... and that makes our lives easier not more complicated!!

... and while you are at it ... something that can be removed from ny hands without the need of industrial strength solvent!!!!

Thanks ever so .....!!!!!!!

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May 23, 2006, 5:56am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Posts: 418
Hi polly i must say very well put, its a job to try and keep up with it all i have had a lucky break now because i am a member of the freelance hair and beauty federation members are now entitled to have clairol products delivered to their door or where ever they are.Excellent products and regular pudates of products coming out also samples to try yourself to see what you think of the products.I have decided now to just use and retail clairol products and i am gradually using all my stock i had previously and swapping over to clairol, i am very pleased with the prices they give you your own copy of the actual price you pay also a price list guide you can sell the items for.My delivery driver who is a franchise off clairol emails me with latest offers, and the speedy delivery means for me there is no hassle.
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May 23, 2006, 9:18pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Posts: 552
Just be warned ... the overheads in hairdressing are high enough. Try and keep up with everything and you could see your profits take a nosedive.

I talk to the clients .. find out the products that they like or the problem areas that they wish they could find a product for.  

I then chat with the rep.

A while ago i was frustrated because L"oreal had no products designed for managing curls, everything was orientated around smoothness and anti-frizz products.

A few months of waiting ... curls became fashionable again and hey presto!! - a multitude of products came out for curly hair.

My argument is ... why can't people with curls or waves find products on the shelves all the time, instead of when it suits the industry!!
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May 31, 2006, 2:45pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Posts: 418
Yes i have noticed this as well my clients are now asking me for more products for managing curls, its nice now to see lots of products out there for them now. I have found clairol do a specific range for curls from shampoos to masks condition sparays etc i have managed now to get orders delivered to my home or where ever i happen to be as im a member of the freelance hair and beauty federation clairol will now deliver to members which is very handy they are very reasonable prices and they do have bogof offers too they did before only deliver to salons so its nice to have the professional touch on my door step now.
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HAIRDRESSERS FORUM    FINAL RINSE    Final touches  ›  Products and more products .....